Showdown at the Tron

It was a strong turnout at Ex Edge Hamilton for round three of the NiBS – great to see so many people representing from out-of-town! Erica Gatland took a significant step towards defending her title with another win, although Sarah Hay could still take overtake her in the final round. It’s wide open in the men’s field though, with at least 10 strongmen who could take the series title out. Young Cornah remains top of the table but Zane Bray has leapfrogged into second place eyeing a shock series double with the Masters division already in the bag.
The dark horse is certainly Francois Quintard – the Hamilton-based French crusher who took podium honour on adopted home soil (plastic?). Will he head to Auckland to snatch the series with a second win? Will Fabrizio take it for Italia? Will one of the South Island lads rampage their way up or will Zane defend the valour of Ex Edge Panmure?
Make sure you’re at Round 4 – it’s going to be a scorcher!